Daily Event

Our newest theme day at Clash!

Participants must be over the age of 13, unless otherwise specified by game manufacturer.

No Entry Fee.

  • Gamers will message in the Clash Discord with their gamer tag before 4pm the day of

  • Participants will be placed in a bracket through Challonge

  • We recommend you add yourselves to Challonge, with Gamertags

  • Events/Games will be announced prior to open; Matches will be announced at 4pm the day of the event

  • Participants will play custom games, with a team member from Clash in spectator mode

  • Matches will run on the half-hour unless specified through Discord

  • Screenshots/Pictures of the appropriate end of the match screen are required to be submitted through Discord

  • Also Available through our AtHome program


*Winners will receive ggLeap coins to use inside Clash, redeemable for play time

Registration Links will be posted here once available! 

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