located in Downtown owa

Now is your chance to rediscover the awesomeness of our state-of-the-art computers and gaming consoles.

We’ve got you covered. Check out our full games list and pricing by the hour down below!

Be the best. On the best.

The equipment. All new. All top-of-the-line. 12 Gaming PCs, 3 Xbox, 2 PS4, 1 PS5, 6 Nintendo Switches and 2 Sim Racers. Plus, you can now bring your own keyboard, mouse, headset and controller if you prefer. The venue. Clash is the Gulf Coast’s newest eSports venue, designed for comfort, competition and safety—all in Downtown OWA, so it’s walking distance to great food, day and night.


Sun-Thurs | 12pm-8pm
Fri-Sat | 12pm-10pm

Tropic Takeover 2

Tropic Takeover is BACK! Put your Smash skills to the challenge and win some major bucks at Tropic Takeover 2 — A Super Smash Bros. Tournament! 

The VR Experience

Clash eSports & VR Experience has partnered with Megaverse to offer you a first-of-its-kind virtual reality gaming, unlike anything you’ve ever tried before. Our advanced 3D and high-resolution imaging will feel as real as the outside world, and now you can experience it yourself at the all-new Clash eSports & VR Experience in Downtown OWA.

Super Smah Bros. Tournaments

Come out to Clash every Saturday to compete for cash prizes in our Super Smash Bros. Tournaments! Just $10 to enter with $5 going to the prize pool. The more people to play, the bigger the prize—so grab your friends and compete to see who’s best.

Retro Console Play

Take a step back in time with Clash’s Retro Console Play through June 30.

Games & pricing

Play time can be purchased in person at Clash eSports & VR Experience by the hour. All equipment is provided, with premium controllers available for an upcharge. Review our policies and check out our full list of games available to play below:

*Be sure to bring your Steam, Blizzard, or Epic account information for quick access.

Want free play? Bring a friend to Clash who’s never played, and you get 30 minutes of free PC gameplay added to your account. No limit, no expiration. Just gaming.

Book Your Birthday!

Bring your family & friends to Clash eSports and let us help you celebrate your birthday! 

Arcade & Clash VIP Program

All VIP Player’s Card members are eligible to pay one less credit per game (for an equivalent value of .25 per game) at the Arcade at OWA, and you can save one credit off PC games at Clash eSports Center! Plus, VIPs qualify for monthly benefits and special offers at the Arcade and Clash.

Visit us in Downtown OWA

Clash is located in Downtown OWA at 101-G North OWA Blvd. in Foley, AL. We’re located just minutes from the beaches on the Foley Beach Express. OWA is located at the corner of the Foley Beach Express and County Road 20.

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Clash policies
& guidelines

  1. Guest must follow all posted and verbal instructions provided by Clash staff.
  2. Do not use profanity or engage in unsafe, illegal or offensive behavior.
  3. Clash staff reserve the right to temporarily close for the purposes of maintenance or private events without prior notice or any compensation.
  4. Guests should not leave any valuables or personal belongings unattended. Clash is not responsible or liable for any lost, stolen or damaged property.
  5. Smoking or vaping is not permitted in the store.
  6. No outside food or beverage allowed in store.
  7. No pets allowed except for service animals.
  8. No firearms or weapons permitted on Clash property.
  9. Respectful attire must be worn at all times and Clash staff reserve the right to refuse service or expel guests with unacceptable attire.
  10. Clash staff reserve the right to eject any guest that in our opinion may pose a risk to the safety of other guests and/or affect their enjoyment within Clash property.
  11. All guests entering Clash property are subject to the policies and guidelines as set forth by Clash staff.
  12. No soliciting.
  13. Children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by a legal guardian or adult at all times while on Clash property.
  14. Additional revisions can be made upon the policies and procedures without any notice.